X-ing Out Rx Drug Misuse!

Teen use of prescription (Rx) drugs should be closely supervised by a physician or parent because sharing and/or misusing Rx drugs is morbidly dangerous. These opioids are potent and highly addictive, and this is especially true for teens with their underdeveloped bodies and brains.

The most effect way to prevent such misuse is through proper safety disposal of expired or unused Rx drug medication and securely locking up medications if you or someone in your home does have to take an opioid Rx medication. By removing access to the medications, this keeps these drugs out of the hands of our youth, x-ing out Rx drug misuse! If a doctor ever tries to prescribe an opioid/painkiller medications to you or your teen, consider the option of alternative drugs, if possible. We should also have open conversations with our teens and teach them about the dangers of sharing medications and taking any medication (over the counter or prescription) that do not belong to them and is not supervised by a parent or physician.


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