We Want To Hear From YOU! ?

We do it every year, and it’s about that time again… we want to hear from YOU!

Here at CCAPSA, Inc. with our drug-free community coalition in Kennesaw, we work to decrease youth access to substances and reduce substance misuse by underage youth in Cobb County. To better serve the community, we need to hear from you regarding your thoughts, attitudes, and perceptions about the incidence of substance abuse in the community. Calling on all youth/students, parents/guardians, and adults alike… we simply request only a couple minutes of your day to complete our community survey!

We would greatly appreciate your input regarding the current state of our community and substance use! All surveys are completely anonymous, so complete, unfiltered honesty is desired! To access the survey, you can scan the QR code, click the QR code, or click the link below!

We thank you in advance for your participation and helping us continue to make sustainable changes in the Cobb County community!

Drug-Free Kennesaw 365 Community Survey