Holiday Habits: Setting the Record Straight on Alcohol

The holiday season is officially beginning! This means more family time with teens being home during school breaks, which presents a great opportunity to have more open conversations about alcohol. It also gives parents the opportunity to set the record straight about responsible alcohol consumption.

During the holidays, there are more gatherings and more parties. This could mean more opportunities for adults to have alcohol at these functions. And we have to be honest, whether we realize it or not, kids are always watching the adults. With that being said, in an atmosphere where there adults around that are drinking and appear to be “having fun”, how can drinking, not be appealing to teens? This is where the records has to be set straight regarding holiday habits!

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As adults, we have to have conversations with youth (be it children or other younger/underaged relatives) that underage drinking is extremely detrimental because it can hinder proper development of a growing teen body. Then there is the risk of alcohol dependence and addiction–drinking at an age where one’s brain is underdeveloped puts them at a higher risk for alcohol use disorder in addition to many other neurological and health-related issues. It’s even important to discuss that when they do becomes of age, what it means to drink responsibly (e.g., limit the number for drinks consumed, not to drink and drive, etc.) and the possible consequences of not doing so.

Lastly, as adults, it’s important to practice what is being told to youth. Being an example of responsible drinking can influence their choices to wait until they become of age (should the choose to drink) and to develop safe/responsible drinking habits. So, during this holiday season, be sure to take the time to set the record straight!