The Trick IS the “Treat”

Just in time for the Halloween season, tobacco companies are getting creative, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is not excited about it. Recently, the FDA sent out a warning letter to the manufacturing brand(s), declaring that the selling of their new “nicotine gummies” products is illegal without FDA approval as a means to slow and/or halt production. Now, they are trying to bring awareness to the public to be on the lookout for these “seemingly harmless” candies that were meant to “empower adult smokers” on their quit journey.

These new candies could pose a huge threat to children and youth for the simple fact that they look like typical candy. In addition to this, much like vaping, the sweet flavors can appeal to children despite the fact that they can be very toxic! According to the featured article, “[e]ach of the gummies had 1 milligram of nicotine, and they came 12 to a package. The FDA says 1 to 4 milligrams of nicotine could be severely toxic to children under 6 as well as to older children, depending on their weight.”

To read more information on this topic, you can access the article by clicking the link below.

CNN – “Nicotine gummies are a ‘public health crisis just waiting to happen,’ FDA says”