Summer Sobriety!

SUMMER IS HERE! We are now well into the summer days, and this summer has been like no other! Amid a global pandemic regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus), we have also been experiencing other unfortunate events that have exposed racial tensions, sparking numerous riots and protests.

During times like these, negative emotions, anxiety, stress, and fear can significantly increase among populations. With an attack on our mental health such as this, it is not uncommon that individuals may turn to alcohol and other substances to cope. This, in addition to the limitation of activities that can, to some extent, confine people to their homes to safely recover or prevent infection of COVID-19, limits the access to healthy outlets outside the four walls of the home. Being limited to the home may make it even easier to turn to alcohol use, whether for recreational use or to cope with stress.

CCAPSA would like to remind and encourage the community to support our efforts to reduce underage and youth binge drinking. Of all that our world is enduring, youth are particularly vulnerable with trying to manage the stress of their changing world and also find a way to enjoy their summer. During this time, we ask that adults be particularly vigilant about keeping alcohol out of summer activities. We want to encourage parents to discuss the dangers of underage drinking and alcohol abuse with their teens. This also presents a perfect opportunity to help our youth practice and establish healthy, sustainable tools for coping with stress and anxiety. Most importantly… DON’T BE A PARTY TO TEENAGE DRINKING! As adults, we want to keep our youth safe and sober. It is encouraged that parents and guardians refuse and abstain from supplying alcohol to anyone underage anywhere on their property. Hiding, tracking, and properly locking away all alcohol on the premises can reduce youth access and temptation. If there is a small gathering on your property, be visible. This can also deter youth from engaging in underage drinking. Lastly, you can do your part by reporting any parties with underage drinking to the local police department of Cobb’s Sheriff’s Office.

Remember… underage drinking laws are enforced throughout the USA! 
Let’s ensure that our youth have a safe and sober summer!


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