SPEAK UP and TALK TO: Use Your Voice!

Here at CCAPSA, Inc. we encourage all parents and guardians to USE THEIR VOICE. It has been proven that open and honest dialogue can strengthen the relationship between you and your teen(s), build trust, and also serve as a protective factor against them engaging in negative behaviors. Having frequent conversations about the dangers and consequences of things like drug use, medication abuse/misuse, underage drinking, and/or vaping and tobacco use significantly influences your child(ren)’s decision to NOT engage in these behaviors, especially if you voice your disapproval. Moreover it’s never too early to begin having these conversations, especially with how early they may be exposed to such activities in the media/social media, movies, and television. Although, as they enter the pre-teen and teen years, it may seem like your talking is in vain because they are listening less and less. Trust us…TALK, because they hear you! Teens value the opinions and approval of their parents when a healthy relationship is fostered through being active in their lives. With that being said, we also encourage parents and guardians to SPEAK UP. Whether it be at school meetings, sports events, community events, or any other gatherings of parents, be actively engaged in your teen’s day-to-day activities. Also, inform and educate other parents, so they are aware of the prevalence of these negative activities. Encourage them to have more talks with their own child(ren), expressing disapproval for activities related to substance abuse/misuse. When you “speak up” and “talk to”, it has the significant potential to prevent your teen from ever engaging in substance abuse-relate activities which protects them from derailing off of the path of a healthy lifestyle or possibly falling into a life of addiction! So have the conversation today!

For conversation starters, tips, and resources, text the word “TALK” to 85775!