Social Hosts – Remember the Homecoming Parties

Homecoming is a fun and exciting time to celebrate the school community between students, parents, faculty, and alumni! As the season comes full swing, so will the parties. As the host of your own children’s homecoming parties, remember to keep everyone safe and sober. Know your guests’ ages, and even if they are over 21, be able to gauge their blood alcohol levels to know if they are okay to drive.

As a social host, you have the following responsibilities:
  • Refusing to supply alcohol to anyone underage anywhere on your property
  • Being visible when there are parties on your property
  • Hiding, tracking, and properly locking away any alcohol on the premises
  • Reporting any parties with underage drinking to the local police department of the Cobb’s Sheriff’s Office at 770-499-4719


First offenses will have you fined $150+ and following offenses cost $500+.

Read more on the social host ordinance…


But there’s more than just your party to think about. Know where your teen is headed, and be sure they know your expectations for the party to help keep them safe. It’s also a good idea to speak with parents hosting other parties to ensure there will not be underage drinking either.

Did you know? 17% of fatal alcohol related crashes in the United States are caused by licensed drivers under 21 years old (Elite Driving School).

Keep your teens out of this statistic, and keep them safe this homecoming season.