High visibility enforcement practices are crucial to community efforts for reducing underage and youth binge drinking, driving under the influence, prohibiting the presence and distribution of substances on school campuses, and sharing information with stakeholders. All of these actions, and others, are key to reducing and preventing crime.

Limiting youth access to alcohol and other substances is key to preventing juvenile delinquency. When the full force of the law gets behind public safety issues, population level change occurs.


Compliance Checks and More

What is a compliance check? Alcohol compliance checks are a type of environmental prevention that deters alcohol outlets from selling alcohol to underage youth. Law enforcement officials supervise undercover youth who attempt to purchase alcohol; if the attempt is successful, the establishment is penalized.

Many of the law enforcement partners that CCAPSA collaborates with conduct compliance checks on a regular basis. These are important, high visibility indicators of the effectiveness of training and policies in place at retail establishments in the community. An increasing number of “failures” mean that employees are not following regulations in place to protect youth. Results are often published in the newspaper.

Here is a Summary of Alcohol Beverage Regulations  in Cobb County.