CCAPSA works to fulfill our mission and vision through our strategy teams. Activities conducted by each Strategy Team are:

1) Education Team – media relations, communications content development, spokesperson identification and training, website and social networking oversight, outreach to community sectors, campaign development and implementation and capacity building through strengthening partnerships and training.

2) Policy Team – research of best practices for alcohol and other substances, local policies review and gap analysis, presentations and reports to local policy makers, and advocacy support for policy change recommendations.

3) Enforcement Team – inter-agency coordination among all law enforcement agencies, compliance check operations, responses to community reports of underage drinking parties, zero tolerance policies, uniform incident data collection and reporting, and standardized operations training for enforcement personnel.

4) Youth Team – planning and conducting an annual summit, leadership training, youth and adult collaboration, public speaking opportunities and engaging youth in advancing strategic enforcement, policy and education goals Discover more about what we do in each of the four main categories.