Red Ribbon Week: Celebrating Life Drug-Free

Next week is Red Ribbon Week!

We always want to encourage our youth to be drug-free 365 days a year every year, and we also encourage our parents to get involved and support our youth in doing so. But this week is extra special because it highlights the promotion and celebration of a drug-free generation! It debunks the myth that “everyone is doin it” when it comes to drug and alcohol use because we’re celebrating those that choose to live drug-free, which is actually the majority! So kicking off next week, we encourage both students and parents to get involved in any school or community activities that may take place in celebration of living drug free! We also would like to continue to encourage our parents to talk to their children about the dangers of drugs/alcohol, the potential risk factors (i.e, peer pressure, school stress, etc.) that may contribute to substance use, and how to combat them! One act of celebration or one conversation can be the motivation for one person to want to make the choice to live drug free! For conversation starters, tips, and other resources, you can text the word “TALK” to 85775!