Questions and Conversations

Summer is nearing… schools are releasing students for the year. Some are walking away with diplomas, others with the peace of mind that they are able to advance to the next grade. However, with the summer months approaching and school work coming to a close, there is an increase in summer vacations and summer parties.

Before your teen goes out with their friends and begins to make plans for the summer months, be sure to talk to them about the dangers of e-cigarettes and vaping. During summer parties, teens are potentially exposed to all kinds of drug and/or alcohol use. That is why it is important that a trusted parent, guardian, adult, and/or caregiver has the conversation before the teen gets into a situation they may not know how to navigate out of. All it takes is questions and conversations. It is a know fact that parents have a significant influence over the decisions their child(ren) makes. Questions and conversations can adequately prepare your teen to make healthy choices, refraining and abstaining from using e-cigarettes, vaping, or any other form of tobacco use.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a lot of facts and data as to why vaping and e-cigarette use is harmful to the developing brains and bodies of youth… but they also provide a resource guide that gives tips to help parents talk with their teen(s) about e-cigarettes! To access this resource guide, simple click the photo below!

If your child or a child you know is currently vaping/smoking and unable to stop, please contact the child’s health care provider, school counselor, or other trusted professional to discuss ways to help them quit. You can also check out some of these other resources below:

Truth Initiative®

This is Quitting


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Quitline: 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669)

The National Cancer Institute Quitline: 877-44U-QUIT (877-448-7848)

You can also text “TALK” to 85775 to receive other quit resources!

For more info about the effects of tobacco, e-cigarettes, and vaping, follow the link below: