Parents… Stay Informed: “Substance Use Trends” to be Aware Of

A part of our prevention work is awareness–we want to keep our parents/guardians, teachers, adults, etc. aware about any new substances or “misuse trends” that our youth may be exposed to, so that we can come together, as a community, to better prepare our prevention and protection efforts. Currently, there are some “new substance use trends” circulating on social media that our youth may be exposed to. These include the following:

  • College students/college-age youth are “borging” with “BORGS” (blackout rage gallons)—mixing half a gallon of water with half a gallon of any clear liquor of choice (e.g., vodka, tequila, gin, etc.) and adding MIO flavoring with an electrolyte packet to consume all day.
  • The DELTA-9 strain of marijuana is now illegal, but “suppliers” will just be changing the formula to have it come back on the scene.
  • “ZAZA” a.k.a “gas station heroin” (tianeptine) is becoming popular.

Be sure to have frequent conversations with your child(ren) expressing disapproval of these behaviors. Remember, ONE conversation can influence their decision to not participate in these behaviors or use any these substances!

For conversation starters, tips, and/or resources, text “TALK” to 85775.