Parenting Through the Holidays

During the holidays, it is very common for friends and family to gather…possibly spending more time together than they’ve had the chance to all year! Time is spent with others, people are catching up, memories are shared, and discussions are held about different topics relating to current events in the lives of each person and/or the world. This is what makes the holidays such an opportune time to talk with the youth in your family about the dangers of vaping/tobacco use,  underage drinking, prescription (Rx) drug/opioid misuse, and other substances they could possibly be exposed to. When having discussion with a trusted adult that expresses disapproval of substance abuse behaviors, youth are less likely to engage in them… all it takes is a conversation to prevent a possible lifetime of unhealthy choices and risks of addiction.

As the holidays approach and pass, we want to encourage all adults that have any sort of influence or impact on a child (whether that’s as a parents, aunt/uncle, older brother/sister, friendly neighbor, etc.) to speak up and have that conversation. Listen to their point of view on what they’ve seen and experienced, and help them to navigate their choices and potential consequences, being completely open and honest. Also, be the example in their lives! If attending or hosting a party, be sure to drink responsibly and help to reduce the unintended access of others to any alcohol and/or Rx drugs within the home–this can be done by securely locking away alcohol and medications in the home.

To help guide the conversation, you can count on us for a little assistance! Text the word “TALK” to 85775 to receive conversation starters and/or tips.

If you would like to receive Rx drug disposal packets in order to be an example of proper Rx drug disposal, text “MEDS” to 85775!