New Year… BETTER You!

With time, some things get BETTER… and your health should be one of them!

Calling all parents and teens, let’s make the resolution to continue to live our healthiest lifestyles by not engaging in activities like vaping/tobacco use and opioid/prescription drug misuse! Parents, demonstrate responsible drinking and  continue to educate your kids on the harms of underage drinking. Let’s be sure our conversations get BETTER and are more open and honest to help our youth navigate through life’s stressors and pressure. This way, they understand that substance abuse is not a healthy way to cope when things become difficult. If you have a loved one or friend that uses and/or abuses substances, get them the resources they need. Support them on their journey to a healthier lifestyle. Help them be BETTER in this new year as well!

Additionally, we here at CCAPSA, Inc., want to be BETTER! We want to make a resolution for BETTER engagement within our drug-free communities, BETTER community presence, BETTER health resources for community members, BETTER events, BETTER messaging, and BETTER prevention work in order to reduce the incidence of substance abuse among youth!

This new year, let’s be BETTER!