NCHS TAC Students Simluate… Never Emulate!

Our Teen Advisory Council (TAC) students at North Cobb High School were having a little fun with the DUI (“drunk”) simulation googles during one of their meetings. The exercise was meant to be able to experience how difficult it is to function while under the influence of alcohol. Thus, further reiterating why teens should not drink, in general, or drink and try to do other tasks like drive.

In addition to impaired function, underage drinking or binge drinking can result in other alcohol-related injuries (such as choking on one’s vomit or alcohol poisoning) and disruption of brain development resulting in blackouts, memory lapses (short-term memory loss or dementia), persistent brain damage, and/or neurological complications and nerve damage (e.g., numbness and pain in your hands and feet). Therefore we want to continue to spread awareness on the dangers of underage drinking and the consequences that can result… we will simulate, but never emulate underage drinking!