National Substance Abuse Prevention Month!

During this month of October, we are also recognizing National Substance Abuse Prevention Month with Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to help spread awareness about medication abuse/misuse, underage drinking/alcohol awareness, marijuana use, and youth tobacco use (specifically vaping). 

As previously mentioned, here at CCAPSA, Inc, we encourage all parents/guardians to securely lock away all current medications and properly dispose of all expired or unused medications within the home as a way to prevent access. Preventing access can prevent the use that can lead to misuse, which can then lead to addiction or even more fatal outcomes.

When it comes to underage drinking, vaping,  and marijuana use, research has found that when parents/guardians make an intentional effort to talk with their kids about these negative behaviors, expressing disapproval for them, teens are LESS LIKELY to engage in these acts, preventing them from going down a path of addiction and other fatal health-related experiences. Parents have a significant influence on the choices their children make, especially when parents are heavily involved in their children’s lives in a supportive way! Even if it may not seem like it… they are listening to you and value your opinion. Have these types of conversations early and often, ensuring that your child feels comfortable coming to you with questions  and being open to honest conversations about experiences and expectations. Provide them with facts about the harms these substances can do to their developing bodies and the negatives consequences that can come with that in the future. For conversation starters and tips you can use to get the conversation started, text the word “TALK” to 85775!

As we celebrate this month and spread awareness, be sure to check out all of our social media platforms and website so you can help us spread the word!


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