The month of May is nationally recognized as…

Mental Health Awareness Month!!

During this time, it is important that we raise awareness and increase the knowledge of the public in terms of mental health and promoting good mental health practices. Removing the stigma of mental health illnesses and battles, like depression or simply dealing with life stressors, makes it easier to understand mental health as a whole. Thus, it empowers us to discover and utilize better/healthier coping mechanisms, practices, and treatment. This is extremely significant concerning substance use/abuse prevention because positive mental health practices are effective protective factors against substance use! If a person chooses to find a creative hobby to relax them when they are feeling depressed, stressed, or overwhelmed, they are less likely to use and abuse substances as a means to cope. In most cases, alcohol abuse, vaping, and opioid use/prescription drug misuse are all unhealthy (and sometimes fatal) practices that people use to cope with stress and other mental health illnesses. It is a counterfeit for a “feel good” moment or an escape. This is why we must use this time to promote POSITIVE mental health practices, so we can prevent using any of the methods just mentioned.

Therefore, CCAPSA, Inc. wants to encourage you to be kind to your own mind! Explore different things and activities that you can do to promote GOOD mental health! It could be going on a daily walk, spending time with friends or family (such that is “COVID-safe”), finding a new hobby, taking time for yourself (…sounds like a vacation ?), or even talking to someone to ask for help discovering other ways that may work for you!