In The News: Marijuana and Cobb County

Recently, a medical marijuana dispensary has opened up in Cobb County—the marijuana oil is what is legal now and the dispensary only sells the oil products. The more people that acquire medical marijuana cards, the more dispensaries will pop up due to the fact that more licenses will be granted in the state of Georgia. Now, there are a total of five (5) dispensaries in Georgia across 3 counties (Cobb County, Chatham County, Bibb County). With this, there are concerns of possible impending general misuse, and the use of edibles (made with the oil and undetectable with being cooked into food) being brought into schools.

As we continue to plan how to navigate having this dispencey and continuing to promote a drug-free lifestyle to youth as a part of our prevention message, we have created a brochure as a resource for parents! To access a copy of the brochure, simple click the link or image below!

“The Truth About Marijuana Misuse and Recovery”

For other treatment resources, check out any of the links below!


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