Is It “Just Marijuana”?

Recently as of February 13th, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) ruled that cannabinoids delta-8 and -9 THC-O are Schedule 1 narcotics. This could significantly impact our community and all of the stores that have been selling synthetic THC products! It is fair to say that many youth and young adults do not view marijuana as a harmful drug, but this new ruling changes a lot of things. Aside from the notion that we want our youth to remain drug free from a health and developmental aspect, being in possession of these particular strands, which have become popular over the years, can now threaten their freedom with jail time with these now being considered controlled substances. Additionally, as narcotics, this could also have public health implications in the realms of addiction and recovery. It’s no longer “just marijuana”.

To access the article, follow the link below:

“Delta-8 And -9 THC-O Are Controlled Substances, DEA Says” – Article