Happy Hosting During The Holidays

The holiday season is here! It’s a time for celebration and fellowship among friends and family. However, a moment of happiness can quickly turn into a scene of devastation that will have lasting effects on everyone involved.

If you are hosting a holiday party or gathering in celebration of the upcoming holidays, be sure to check your medicine cabinet and lock up any prescription (Rx) drugs that may be in the home. In most scenarios, individuals who misuse medications or Rx drugs get them from friends and/or family. During the holidays, when gatherings are frequent, it provides opportunity for individuals to steal or take drugs from the household medicine cabinets of the homes they are visiting… and as the host, that means YOUR medicine cabinet. Locking away medications prevents access and reduces the chances of Rx drug misuse and opioid addiction! Preventing Rx drug misuse and opioid addiction means that you and ensuring the safety and well-being of your guest. When your guest are safe and healthy, the party can happily gone on as anticipated!

Check out our PSA below about preventing Rx drug misuse and opioid addiction this holiday season!

Proper disposal of old, expired, or unused medications can also prevent access and reduce the chances of prescription (Rx) misuse and opioid addiction. With the use of DisposeRx at-home medication disposal packets, proper disposal of Rx drugs in your home is made possible! Mixing the powder in these packets with your medication and water deactivates the medicine making it safe to throw away in the trash or flush down a drain without contaminating the water supply.

For more information about this product, follow the link. –> DisposeRx Packets

If you would like to obtain packets for you and your family, you can text “MEDS” to 85775 or follow the link below!

Request Home RX Drug Disposal

All in all, CCAPSA, Inc. wants to wish you a safe and happy hosting this holiday season!