Happy Holidays From CCAPSA, Inc.

Thank you to all of our parents, youth, partners, and stakeholders in all of our participating communities and schools for all the support and efforts in helping to spread awareness regarding the dangers of underage drinking, prescription (Rx) drug/opioid misuse, and vaping!

We want to remind all of our parents/guardians to continue having the conversations and talking to their kids about the dangers of underage drinking, Rx drug misuse, and vaping/tobacco use. All it takes is one conversation to influence your child’s decision not to engage in these unhealthy behaviors!

We encourage all parents/guardians to properly dispose of all expired and unused medications and securely lock away current prescriptions. Be a positive example of responsible drinking and refrain from providing alcohol to minors, even if it is “under supervision” as supervision does not make it safe for youth to consume alcohol. But most importantly…

We want to wish everyone a safe holiday and