Fighting The EPIDEMIC Starts With EDUCATION!

Concerning the opioid epidemic, prevention work is vital because it ultimately means preventing addiction and possibly death!

Reducing access through proper disposal of unused or expired prescriptions and locking up medicines can reduce exposure; however, we also need EDUCATION to prevent youth from desiring to use.

If you or your child face a medical situation that requires a prescription to an opioid, make sure you have a thorough discussion with the doctor to understand the prescription, its side effects, and the risk of addiction. If there are alternative medications available that are less addictive but work just as well as the opioid prescription drug, consider the option of taking them or using them to wean off of the more addictive option.

Parents, have conversations with your child and educate them about the dangers of misusing prescription drugs! Discuss their viewpoints and experiences of what they may have been exposed to. Help them to build the skills to resist the peer pressure of misusing drugs, should they ever be offered to do such. The sooner you have these conversations, the more likely you can positively influence their decision to not engage in the behavior!

For conversation starters and tips, text the word “TALK” to 85775.

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Opioids, Rx Drugs, and Heroin