FEATURED STORY: Remembering Rebekkah

When it comes to opioid misuse, it can start with a “seemingly harmless” prescribed painkiller and end up in a fatal heroin overdose. Actually, according to truth® (backed by the Truth Initiative), “80% of heroin users started with a prescription painkiller”. That is why here, at CCAPSA, Inc., we stress the importance of locking away all prescription medication in the home to reduce the access to these drugs and prevent medication misuse. We also encourage all adults, parents, and guardians to talk with their children and other youth in their spheres of influence about the dangers of medication misuse and how to handle situations where they are offered medication that is not prescribed to them from their peers.

On truth®’s website, there is a featured story about a young woman and her experience with prescription drug/opioid misuse. It depicts her entire journey from onset to recovery and all that she had to endure in between! And although we are thankful and applaud her for making it through the dark side of addiction, some people are not so lucky. This is why we work to prevent the addiction from occuring by providing the facts to subdue the curiosity before real consequences have to be experienced. Stories like that of Rebekkah’s helps to make the issue real by giving it a face rather than it just being another “say no to drugs” campaign. Check out her story below!

Rebekkah’s Story (Part 1)

Rebekkah’s Story (Part 2)

Rebekkah’s Story (Part 3)