FaLLing into Another Drug-Free Season!

The season may change, but our mission does not!

Fall is finally here! The the leaves are changing and the weather is getting cooler, but we are just getting warmed up for the season!

Our goal is to encourage our youth to refrain from underage drinking, tobacco use/vaping, and prescription (Rx) drug misuse 365 day a year! We commission our parents and adults to help support our youth in their journeys to remain drug-free despite the influences around them (e.g., social media, tv, peers, misinformation, etc.). With that being said, we have this upcoming season packed with activities that will keep with our prevention efforts going in hopes of reducing access to substances and preventing substance abuse and misuse among our youth!

We have our Dea National Rx Drug Take Back day coming up in October. On this day, people can clean out their cabinet to rid their homes of old, expired, unused medications in efforts to reduce the access to unintended users, prevention Rx drug misuse! During the month of October we are also recognizing National Substance Abuse Awareness Month, National Bullying Prevention Month, National Child Health Day, and National Mental Health Day! All month long we are promoting the mental, physical, and emotional health by addressing certain risk factors (e.g., stress, peer pressure, bullying, etc.) that can lead to substance abuse and misuse. Then, were going to tie it all together during the last October in recognition of Red Ribbon Week as we celebrate living drug free! And lets not forget the Great American Smokeout event as we recognize, No Vape November! Like we said… SEASON PACKED!

Be sure to stay tuned to see what we have planned specifically for your community! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated!

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