COVID-19 has ultimately shifted our world to become more virtual. We have moved to practicing virtual learning in schools, attending virtual parties, more online shopping, utilizing virtual means for other forms of entertainment (e.g., streaming movies and tv shows, etc.), and many other things. With the limit to outside activities and gathering as an attempt to slow the spread of the virus, it is safe to say that your teen’s screen time has definitely increased by some amount! Thus, it is encouraged that parents become more vigilant and aware about what their teen(s) are seeing/doing online.

DID YOU KNOW…More time online, whether participating in the activities previously mentioned or just on social media alone, actually has the potential to increase the incidence of underage drinking.

Check out this article that was released earlier this year to learn more! To access the article you can follow the link below:

How Social Media Can Amplify Underage Drinking




Resources and Additional Information

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