Deaths Caused by Drug Overdose Rises in Middle Georgia

Over the weekend there was a sharp increase in the death toll from drug overdoses in Middle Georgia. Robert Ketchup, a 30-year-old man from Macon, was found dead in what is suspected to be the result of ingesting a street sold synthetic opioid being marketed as Percocet. The drug is believed to contain two synthetic opioids including fentanyl, an extremely powerful narcotic used for pain control. Ketchup’s death follows a plethora of overdoses from this same drug in other Middle Georgia counties, including Bibb, Houston, Monroe, and Dougherty counties.  Thirteen of the thirty-seven overdose cases occurred in Bibb County alone. The recent upsurge of overdoses caused by these pills has been so disturbing that one Chief Coroner compared it to an epidemic. A public health alert was issued last Monday by state officials to bring awareness to the seriousness of ingesting this drug and to warn against buying pills on the street.

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Overdose Death Toll Mounts in Middle Georgia