Dear Youth, Have a Sober Fourth of July!

The annual Fourth of July Independence Day celebration is commonly inundated with parties, barbeques, and light/firework shows! All very exciting activities among many other things! With this year being one of the first few where people are comfortable having larger gatherings since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, CCAPSA, Inc. has a message for the youth…

Dear Youth,

You do not need alcohol to have fun this weekend, and don’t let anyone convince you of anything different! You may see adults consuming alcohol, and there may even be an opportunity to indulge yourself. However, we want to encourage you to make the healthy decision and abstain from underage drinking, even if it may be “under supervision” of an adult. In addition to the severe health consequences that can result, underage drinking can lead to fatal accidents whether vehicular-related or during water-related activities. If you do plan to help host (with a parent/guardian) or attend a Fourth of July celebration, try to encourage or inquire about the presence of tasty non-alcoholic thirst quenchers with fruit and fizzy water! Get creative with activities like party games or door prizes that do not involve alcohol for all those attending that may be under 21 year of age! If you should ever have questions or are curious about anything related to alcohol or underage drinking, talk to your parent/guardian! They are the one of the best and safest sources of information, and they will respond in your best interest!

All in all, we want to encourage you all to have a safe and sober Fourth of July Weekend!


Your Friends at CCAPSA, Inc.


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