Community SPOTLIGHT: Our Students at Lumpkin County High School

The CCAPSA, Inc family would like to take this moment to highlight the accomplishment of our students at Lumpkin County High School, and the work being done in Lumpkin County with Drug-Free Lumpkin 365! About 86% of the high school seniors have reported that they had not vaped in the last 30 days of completing the 2020 Georgia Health School Survey! That is something to celebrate! And to Drug-Free Lumpkin 365, thank you for the messaged you spread to these youth in the community, motivating them to be drug-free and revealing to them that they don’t need drugs to do life, and everyone is not doing them (contrary to what some may believe)!

To our students and colleagues at Drug-Free lumpkin 365… Keep up the amazing work! 👍👍👍👍