Community SPOTLIGHT: Our Chattooga County Students

This past month, our students within the Chattooga County School district have been working overtime to educate and empower their peers regarding the tenets of Sources of Strength, and we couldn’t be more proud! Our students at Trion Middle School created a Sources of Strength wall on campus that will guide and remind our students where they can pull their strength from when facing anything difficult in day-to-day life! Additionally, they launched a “Get the Word Out” campaign to further inform students about the Sources of Strength! Lastly, Sources of Strength sponsored a school assembly/concert where students were able to receive two glow in the dark bracelets! The concert was a success, and students were able to truly enjoy themselves while also receiving information about Sources of Strength!

Great job to all of our students in Chattooga County that are pushing this message along! ????