Community SPOTLIGHT: Isaac Trice, The Naloxone Trainer, To The Rescue!

This week’s Community Spotlight goes to our very own summer intern coordinator, Isaac Trice! ????

Trice has been making his way to every corner of Cobb County with educating the community on Naloxone! Recently, The South Cobb Lions Club were very thankful to host Trice as he represented Drug-Free Kennesaw 365 as the featured program for their August meeting.

Trice presented on the current incidence and severity of the opioid crisis across America and within Cobb County. Educating South Cobb Lions Club members on identifying overdoses, he also introduced Naloxone Hydrochloride Nasal Spray, which blocks the effects of opioids to restore a person to their normal function from an overdose. Trice also took the time to educate members on how to properly administer Naloxone in an emergency situation with the help of training video. Furthermore, there will be a training that takes place on August 24, 2022 starting at 10 AM at 4135 Atlanta Road in Smyrna. We hope to see you there!

Trice has been doing an outstanding job in explaining the urgency of being prepared in case we find ourselves in the midst of potentially witnessing an overdose!

Great job, Isaac! ?


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