Community SPOTLIGHT! ??✨

Shouts out and kudos goes to the students of KENNESAW MOUNTAIN HIGH SCHOOL! Data from Georgia Student Health Survey showed that the majority of students are saying “NO” to drugs. What a wonderful example to set, debunking the myth that “everyone is doing it“! Kennesaw Mountain students understand the consequences of smoking and purposely choose to make the better decision to live a clean life!

Let’s spotlight our students at Kennesaw Mountain because this is something worth celebrating!

This is the crowd most parents would not mind if their kids followed, and parents are the ones with the power to influence their teen(s) decision to be among this crowd with just ONE conversation! It has been proven that youth actually DO take into account their parents opinions when discussing topics such as these… although it may not seem like it, our teens ARE listening!

We encourage all parents to have that conversation with their teen about the dangers and consequences of drug use! For conversation starters and tips you can use with your teen to help facilitate the conversation, you can text the word “TALK” to 85775!