Celebrating The Sober Way

This weekend is Labor Day weekend! It is a weekend to relax and take advantage of the break we get from our busy jobs and work schedules. It is customary that some people may host parties, cookouts, and functions in celebration of this day. Regardless on how you choose to celebrate, CCAPSA, Inc. wants youth to stay safe and sober, and we encourage parents to get creative in the keeping alcohol out of the hands of minors–even “under supervision”, alcohol is not safe for youth.

CCAPSA wants to make everyone aware and encourage families to considered the following tips:
  • If allow your teen to celebrate with neighbors or friends, know the parent(s)/guardian(s)/adult(s) of your teen’s friends
  • If you plan to attend an event outside of the home, talk with other parent(s)/guardian(s)/adult(s) to make sure that alcohol is not available at the events youth will attend
  • Talk with your child about responsible behavior regarding alcohol
  • Set a good example for responsible adult alcohol use, if you choose to drink
  • Have activities (i.e., games, door prizes, etc.) that do not involve alcohol
  • If hosting, hide, track, and/or properly lock away all alcohol in the vicinity
  • If hosting, do not push alcoholic drinks – provide tasty non-alcoholic options
  • If hosting, never serve alcohol to someone under 21 and never ask anyone under 21 to serve alcohol at parties
  • Learn more about Social Host Ordinances effective in your area

Have fun and celebrate the sober way this weekend!

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