COVID-19 has ultimately shifted our world to become more virtual. We have moved to practicing virtual learning in schools, attending virtual parties, more online shopping, utilizing virtual means for other forms of entertainment (e.g., streaming movies and tv shows, etc.),

What’s The Word?!

“What do the kids say nowadays?”

From generation to generation, new phrases, colloquialisms, and words come about depending on what’s trending or new in society. But what happens, when the new language becomes a secret code, and the “new/trendy” thing

Reality Check!!!

Our new “reality backpack” is a tool that can be used to educate parents on vaping products commonly used by teens and young adults. The backpacks are filled with a variety of vaping devices such as e-cigarettes, vape pens, vaping …

Summer Sobriety!

SUMMER IS HERE! We are now well into the summer days, and this summer has been like no other! Amid a global pandemic regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus), we have also been experiencing other unfortunate events that have exposed racial tensions, sparking …


In some cultures, youth drinking alcohol can be seen as a “rite of passage”. With this, there are many myths that have developed and been circulated in regard to alcohol consumption and remedies to over consumption that are now present …