Back At It Again with the Rx Take Back!

?Every Year! Twice A Year! And we are back at it again! ??

Another chance to clean out those medicine cabinets!

One of the greatest contributors to youth opioid misuse and prescription (Rx) drug misuse is the ease of access from their peers/close friends and family. Old/expired and unused medications that are present in the home provides this easy access and can be a set up for the adverse outcomes that may follow from potential misuse and abuse.

Therefore, we encourage proper disposal of these medications. Proper disposal reduces the access which prevents the misuse!

Now, when it comes to proper disposal, this does not equate to just to throwing these medications away in the trash because they can still be retrieved and misused. In addition to this, flushing medications down the drain or toilet can contaminate community water supply. “What other option is there?” you may ask. This is where we come in…

So, allow us to be of service and join us, OCTOBER 23RD from 10AM – 2PM!

Clean out your medicine cabinets and bring all of your expired and unused medications! We will be collecting at the Northwest Family YMCA, located at 1700 Dennis Kemp Lane NW in Kennesaw, GA, so that we can help you to ensure your medications are properly disposed of!

Also, the Kennesaw Police Department, located at 2539 J.O. Stephenson Avenue in Kennesaw, GA, now has an Rx drug drop box! Sharps (i.e., needles, Epi-pens, etc.) can be brought but they must be packaged properly! For more details, contact Officer Scott Luther (!

To find a Rx Take Back site near you, click the link below!

DEA RX TAKE BACK DAY Collection Site Locator

Even if you can’t make it out to meet us or any other drop off site, you can still do your part by insuring that you are properly disposing of Rx drugs in your home with the use of DisposeRx at-home medication disposal packets! Mixing the powder in these packets with your medication and water deactivates the medicine making it safe to throw away in the trash or flush down a drain without contaminating the water supply!

For more information about this product, follow the link. –> DisposeRx Packets

If you would like to obtain packets for you and your family, you can text “MEDS” to 85775 or follow the link below!

Request Home RX Drug Disposal Packets


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