The month of April is nationally recognized as Alcohol Awareness Month! Additionally, April 7th is National Alcohol Screening Day which is a day dedicated to increasing public awareness that alcohol abuse and alcoholism, are recognized disorders which can be treated. This is a perfect opportunity to have conversations about alcohol with your kids to discuss the health consequences of underage drinking–which can ultimately lead to alcoholism in adulthood. We want to encourage all of our parents, adults, and caregivers to take time this month to talk with youth and set expectations about underage drinking and other drug use.

Additionally, as a means to decrease the incidence and prevalence of underage drinking within our community, we want to encourage parents to securely lock away all the alcohol within the home and to refrain from providing alcohol to minors at any celebratory event or social gathering. This reducing teen access to alcohol and also prevents parents from violating standing Social Host ordinances! We should also make a habit of reminding all of the alcohol retailers and  within the community to consistently ID all patrons who are purchasing alcohol to keep from unknowingly selling to a minor.

We can all do our part to spread awareness and reducing the incidence of teen drinking!


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Talking to Your Teen: Underage Drinking

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