April Is For Alcohol Awareness Month!


So, for your awareness… we have some fun (but important ☝️) facts for you!

  1. Binge drinking is drinking so much within about 2 hrs that one’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels reach 0.08 g/dL.
  2. Alcoholism is problems controlling your drinking, and continuing to use alcohol even when it causes problems.
  3. Legal Limit of Intoxication
    • (BAC) = 0.08 g/dL
      1. For Women: 4 drinks
      2. For Men: 5 drinks
      3. For Children/Adolescents: 3 or fewer
  4. Consequences of Underage Drinking: The Three D’s
    1. Destruction: Alcohol has the potential to cause damage to your body, your relationships, and your opportunities.
    2. Dependence: Youth who start drinking before age 15  are 6 TIMES more likely to develop alcohol dependence.
    3. Death: 4,700 people die every year because of teen alcohol use


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Facts About Alcohol

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