Another Sunny Summer: Tips for Being Safe and Sober!

✨ SUMMER has now entered the chat✨

Summer is here, and it will be our first summer since the pandemic and the release of the COVID-19 vaccine! Now, establishments will be open. Restrictions are lifting. More people will be out and about. More vacations and activities will be happening…this includes summer parties and other social gatherings.

CCAPSA, Inc. would like to encourage the community to support our continued efforts in reducing the prevalence of underage drinking and youth binge drinking. We ask that adults be particularly vigilant about keeping alcohol out of summer activities that involve minors. We want to encourage parents/guardians to discuss the dangers of underage drinking and alcohol abuse with their teens. It is proven that having these small, frequent conversations about the dangers of underage drinking and alcohol abuse with your teen has a significant influence on their choice not to engage in these behaviors.

Most importantly, we want to encourage parents to NOT BE A PARTY TO TEENAGE DRINKING! As parents/guardians, we want to keep our youth safe and sober. We also want to encourage them to make healthy and positive choices. In doing this, we suggest parents/guardians refuse and abstain from supplying alcohol to anyone underage anywhere on their property–“supervision” of teens drinking on your property or within your home does not make the behavior any safer, nor does it encourage healthy and positive choices. Hiding, tracking, and properly locking away all alcohol on the premises can reduce youth access and temptation. If there is a small gathering on your property, be sure you are visible. This can also deter youth from engaging in underage drinking.

Remember that underage drinking laws are enforced throughout the USA! Be sure to check out the Social Host Ordinance laws in your area. Lastly, you can do your part by reporting any parties with underage drinking to the local police department of Cobb County’s Sheriff’s Office.

Let’s have a safe and sober summer!

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