Another Drug-free School Year!

The time has come, and we are finally here again! Another school year has begun, and that presents a slew of new opportunities!

New classes, new teachers, new clubs/organizations/activities, potential new friends, etc… But more importantly, it gives parents/adults/guardians a new opportunity to talk to our youth about the harms of substance use and how to handle potential peer pressure situations, so they are fully equipped to the healthiest choice of being drug-free!

Real studies have shown that youth actually do care about what their parents think or say, and what a parents/guardian says has a significant influence on the choices they make. Youth are 50% less likely to use drugs when parents tell them about the risks and consequences associated. This is why we like to encourage parents to have open and honest conversations about substances and substance abuse before youth have to “learn the hard way”. This is prevention, and prevention is protection!

Now, we know that these conversations can be hard to have, and one may not know where to start or how to bring up these serious topics… No worries, we’ve got you covered! For conversation starters, tips, and other resources to help facilitate having these conversations, just simply text the word “TALK” to 85775! Its never too early and its never too late to have the conversation!