A Season of Sober Celebrations!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner to be followed by Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, and New Years!
Parents, as we begin to prepare for these upcoming holidays, CCAPSA, Inc. wants to remind you that as you’re hosting and attending holiday gatherings (whether small in-person gatherings or virtual), remember NOT TO BE A PARTY TO TEENAGE DRINKING! Even “under supervision”, supplying alcohol to teens is NOT SAFE and it is ILLEGAL! First, consuming alcohol during adolescence halts and damages the development of the teenage brain and body. It can also predispose them for alcohol addiction or addiction to other drugs and substances. Second, as mentioned, providing alcohol to a minor is illegal. It has been reported that teens most easily access alcohol at home or the home of a friend’s. Social Host Ordinances are active in our community to discourage adults from providing alcohol to minors as a mean to curb the prevalence of underage drinking through halting this way of access. It provides penalties for adults who allow youth to consume alcohol in their home or on the property they own or lease. “The parents who host lose the most“!
REMINDER: As a social host, you have the following responsibilities…
  • Refusing to supply alcohol to anyone underage anywhere on your property
  • Being visible when there are gatherings on your property
  • Hide, track, and properly lock away any alcohol on the premises to reduce teen access
  • Reporting any parties with underage drinking to the local police department of the Cobb’s Sheriff’s Office at 770-499-4719
As adults, it is our duty to continue to keep our youth safe during this holiday season!
For more info on Social Host Ordinances visit https://ccapsa.org/resources/social-host-parents-who-host/!