A Drug-Free New Year!

The year of 2022 has flown by, and now we are looking 2023 in the face! With that being said, this gives us a new opportunity to set goals and resolutions for ourselves that will carry out through this new year. Here, at CCAPSA, Inc., we want to always continue to educate our youth about the dangers and harms of underage drinking, vaping/tobacco use, and opioid/prescription drug misuse! One of the easiest ways to do so is through a simple conversation. Having a conversation with a trusted adult who expresses the dangers of these substance use practices and the negative effects they can have on health and one’s future has a significant impact on the decisions a teen may make when presented with the opportunity of being offered these substances. So, we want to encourage all parents/guardians and adults to make a resolution to have more of these type of conversations with the youth to help prevent them from even trying these substances.

Additionally, as a CCAPSA, Inc. family, we want to make a resolution that all of our drug-free communities further engage with parents and youth to have an even greater impact than the year that is passing! More community presence, more resources, more collaborations, more events, more messaging, and more prevention work in order to save more youth from addiction or worse!

Let’s make the resolution to have a DRUG-FREE New Year! ????