Talk. They Hear You.

“Talk. They Hear You.”® is an underage drinking prevention campaign hosted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) that provides parents the resources to start the conversation with their children about the dangers of alcohol. Believe it or not, parents have a significant influence on their children’s decision to experiment with alcohol and other drugs. Therefore, it is important to have these types of conversations early, before children become exposed to these substances, to deter any curiosity or desire of their children to begin using. “Talk. They Hear You.”® includes different tools and conversation starters for parents of children of all ages under 21.

The “Talk. They Hear You.” campaign aims to accomplish the following:

    1. Increase parents’ awareness of the prevalence and risk of underage drinking and substance use
    2. Equip parents with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to prevent underage drinking and substance use
    3. Increase parents’ actions to prevent underage drinking and substance use

To accomplish this, the campaign highlights 5 specific goals for these conversations between parents and their children:

    1. Showing disapproval of underage drinking and other drug misuse
    2. Exhibiting care and concern about the child’s health, wellness, and success
    3. Demonstrating to be a good source of information about alcohol and other drugs
    4. Showing that parents are paying attention and will discourage risky behaviors
    5. Building the child’s skills and strategies for avoiding drinking and drug use

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